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Corporate support

Corporate Partnerships

By partnering with CPRE London you will be making a huge difference – helping us create a greener London, while strengthening your brand and meeting your CSR objectives.

London’s woodlands, wetlands and parklands are a precious resource that support the well-being of wildlife and Londoners. From volunteering in a canoe litter pick, to fundraising in a walking challenge or donating to plant trees, your organisation could make a difference by partnering with us.

Find out how below.


Corporate Volunteering


Unite your team, engage with the local community and help tackle the climate crisis through a London volunteering event.


Corporate teams or other groups can take part in tree, hedgerow or food garden planting events through our links with Friends of the Parks groups across the capital.  Working with Friends groups will make sure the plants remain well maintained over the long-term.


Major planting projects require extra pairs of hands and resourcing. Many of these groups are dedicated but small and have little access to funding for plants or materials, so you can really make a difference!


A fulfilling group activity as team members help to restore local green spaces and learn about the environmental and social benefits of parks.


Our recommended donation alongside your volunteering varies depending on team size and event-type. As an example, for a team of 20 for half a day of park volunteering we would recommend a donation of approximately £2,000 to help cover the costs of plants and related materials, capacity building of the Friends groups to strengthen their ability to maintain plants over the long term and for project management.

If you don’t have a charitable budget available, another option is doing a parallel fundraising challenge alongside your hands on volunteering. This could also be a fun team building activity in itself. Just let us know if this is something you would like to explore.


For volunteering booking enquiries email


Become a business partner


Reduce your carbon footprint and support the fight against the climate crisis by investing long-term in CPRE London’s planting programme designed to transform grey areas to green. Provide cash support for our tree and hedgerow planting work. Gain feedback for your staff and customers detailing how many trees or areas of vegetation were planted with your investment and the carbon capture impact of your support.


Why invest in tree, hedgerow and other planting?

  • Trees and hedgerows absorb carbon in urban areas. For example, once fully grown, a tree absorbs approximately 25kg of carbon dioxide a year
  • Trees and hedgerows improve urban air quality, reduce flood risk and beautify areas
  • Trees and hedgerows enhance city cooling through evaporation of water from their leaves, helping to combat the urban heat island effect of the city’s hard surfaces.
  • Biodiversity is known to increase wellbeing. Investing in a range of habitats from wildflowers to edible gardens significantly boosts the social benefits of London’s parks