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Want to find out about parks in your area? Want to know more about park friends groups? Would you like to volunteer in a local group? Do you just love a map?! Then GoParksLondon is for you.

We have led the highly successful GoParksLondon project for three years, in partnership with the London Friends of Green Spaces Network, Greenspace Information for Greater London, Parks for London, the London Parks and Garden’s Trust and the London National Park City (generously supported by the City Bridge Trust, the GLA and more recently the National Lottery).

As part of this we have:

  • mapped and created listings for over 4,000 parks and green spaces, on an attractive, interactive online map – also arranged by borough for convenience
  • worked with over 250 park friends groups to created detailed listings for each park
  • developed partnerships with 13 London Boroughs. We’re helping each borough and local friends promote their parks, groups, and the social and volunteering opportunities they offer, from nature walks to volunteering days
  • supported the London Friends of Green Spaces Network by sending regular bulletins, and organising meetings and events which are open to around 900 London park friends groups.

Find out more and follow on social at GoParksLondon.