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Why support CPRE London?

Greenwich skyline
View of London from Greenwich Delia Ray

London’s fields, parks, meadows and woodlands are under threat. Despite evidence that green spaces keep our citizens healthy, sustain wildlife, and protect against heat and floods caused by climate change, we lose more open areas every year.

CPRE London is a charity that fights back.

We challenge poor planning and ill-considered development that threaten our green spaces. We highlight the need for affordable, eco-friendly housing in areas well-served by public transport, rather than the building of car-dependent sprawl on Green Belt. We encourage woodland creation and landscape enhancement in Green Belt – the countryside on our doorstep.

CPRE London campaigns to make our city a greener and healthier place for everyone. We have a formidable reputation for providing evidence-based, passionate campaigns which make a difference. In doing this we draw on our core strengths:

  • We are known as London’s leading environmental charity protecting green spaces and promoting regeneration of previously developed sites
  • The Greater London Authority, London borough councils and other policy makers recognise us as an authoritative voice in the planning and development of London
  • A network of more than 100 community groups trust us to provide critical advice to support their local campaigns
  • We directly support more than 500 friends of green space groups through our GoParks programme
  • We convene the More Natural Capital Coalition – a coalition of 19 environmental charities working together to identify key green priorities for the capital and advocate jointly for action

We’re funded solely by members’ subscriptions, donations and legacies. Please support us.

London’s green spaces need you.