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Panel Discussion and CPRE London AGM 2021

1st June 2021

Our 2021 AGM and panel discussion was held online on Thursday 20 May.

Following the formal AGM business we hosted a webinar discussion on From Grey to Green: repurposing our streets to make better use of space previously used for roads and parking with presentations by Stephen Edwards, Director of Policy and Communications at Living Streets; our Head of Campaigns, Alice Roberts; Ben Connor from the Greater London Authority; Will Sandy and Mak Gilchrist, Landscape Architects and Designers; and local community activist and campaigner, Sarah Berry. It has never been more important to reclaim lifeless, underused grey space and transform them into revitalised spaces for relaxation and recreation.  A note of the key points from the session is here:

Grey to Green – note of presentations and discussion

You can see a recording of the webinar here:

PDFs of our panellists’ presentations are available here:

We took the opportunity this year to minimise the paperwork we post out and to encourage all our members to access the formal papers including the agenda, trustee nominations, and Annual Report and Accounts for 2020 on this website.

The agenda for the AGM is here: AGM Agenda

Draft minutes of last year’s AGM are here: AGM Item 2 -Draft Minutes of 2020 AGM

The Trustees Annual Report for 2020 is here: AGM Item 3 – Annual Report 2020

The Treasurer’s Report is here: AGM Item 4 – Treasurers Report

Information on the Trustees Nominated For Election is here: AGM Item 5 – Trustee Nominations

If you wish to stand for Election as a Trustee of CPRE London, the Nomination form is here: AGM 2021 Nomination Form

The proposal to appoint the independent examiner is here: AGM Item 6 – Independent Examiner