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Tiny Forest to take root in Bromley, in park near site of felled trees

By deliar
22nd February 2024

Thanks to the actions of residents, a Tiny Forest is to spring up in Bromley, close to the felled trees which shocked the local community in 2023.

Concerned members of the Friends of Cator Park and Alexandra Playground , backed by Earthwatch, used crowd funding to raise money to plant 600 trees in a neighbouring park.

More than 240 supporters backed the project, successfully raising nearly £32k in just 42 days to plant the Tiny Forest in council-owned Cator Park, London.

Residents will plant the first trees on Saturday, 24 February.

What is a Tiny Forest?

The Forest will comprise 600 dense, fast growing trees (occupying an area the size of a tennis court) which the community can maintain and protect as they grow, creating a stronger connection to nature in the park.

Tiny Forests can connect people with nature in their local area and support general wellbeing. They offer a place to relax, watch wildlife and an educational resource.

Support for the Tiny Forest

With support from Earthwatch, London Borough of Bromley, the Friends of Alexandra Recreation Ground and Cator Park, and local Councillors,  the trees will be planted by the spring, with three years of watering and maintaining the site supported by local groups and volunteers.

CPRE London works to protect green spaces across London Green space for all – CPRE London

Forest scene
Forests connect communities with nature