Green space for all

London has just half the green space it needs for a population its size; Londoners are not gaining the full benefits of the green space which already exists; and there are inequalities in access – BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) and poorer communities statistically share less space and have less access to private gardens and public parks.

Emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, London now needs to deliver green space for all. We promote practical action to create new parks, protect parks and stop parks coming under threat.

  • New parks We are campaigning for Ten New Parks to be created from the derelict and neglected green spaces which are surprisingly common around London, and from green (and sometimes grey!) spaces which have no clear identity. We want each London borough to create 30 new StreetParks, in areas deficient in green space, creating ‘streetparks’, using space currently given to roads and car parking.
  • Protecting parks There are far too many London parks under threat. Our most recent report details threats to 50 London parks and green spaces. We work with local groups to counter these threats, we raise the profile of the scale of the problem and work hard to find ways to give sites stronger protection. Find out what we we’re asking London boroughs to do, what you can do to help and look through our ongoing log of current casework.
  • Stopping threats from arising Aside from the work we do to promote legal and policy protections, we also know that, where parks have an active ‘Friends Group’, and where parks are well promoted, they are more likely to be well-used and well-loved, which in turn means they are much less likely to come under threat. So, as part of our GoParksLondon project, we work with park friends groups and London boroughs to promote parks and help the park friends group movement to grow.

Our commitment to London’s parks and green spaces
✓ We support local groups, helping them save vital parks; and supporting them to create new parks from derelict and neglected green spaces
✓ We identify the reasons spaces are coming under threat and work to tackle the causes
✓ We champion parks, green spaces, Metropolitan Open Land and Green Belt, showing why they are so important
✓ We publicise threats and advocate for political commitment and new policy and legislation