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Protecting food growing spaces: two new guides for action

By deliar
2nd November 2023

Guides explore how to protect community food growing spaces

In a sprawling city, what rights do food growers have? How can we protect future work? And what can we do when a site is under threat? 

CPRE has worked with Capital Growth to launch two brand-new guides on protecting food growing sites, and what you can do when a site is at risk. Download the guides here.

The first guide, Protecting a food growing site for the future, focuses on preventative measures. It covers two main ways you can protect your food growing space:

  • Designate it as a protected area
  • Monitor threats

The second, Saving a food growing site that is under threat, helps communities respond if they are already at risk of losing access to their site, owing to a planning application for the land. It provides a range of actions that fall under two categories:

  • Planning & legal
  • Political campaigning

food growers in community garden
Maryon Park Garden. Zoe Warde-Aldam