Our response to the Richmond Local Plan

6th April 2020

Our response to the consultation on the draft Richmond Local Plan.

The Borough should not use Green Belt, protected Metropolitan Open Land or other valuable open green space for development of any kind. Richmond should instead make more efficient use of land to find space for housing and commerce. All new development should be ‘car-free’ with no parking for private cars. Most existing housing in Richmond has private car parking: there is no need for more of this type of housing. Many residents cannot or do not want to live with a car, particularly older and young people, and those on low incomes. New housing should cater for these people and, in doing so, also reduce car trips in the borough. The Borough should also promote the redevelopment of sites like large surface car parks which encourage car trips, and reduce or remove parking for private cars, moving wherever possible to car club parking only.  It should ensure its Local Plan links closely to the Borough’s transport targets i.e. those relating to increasing use of public transport, walking and cycling, improving air quality and reducing car trips, traffic and road danger.

Download our full response below –

Richmond Direction of Travel response


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