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Our manifesto for Mayoral Election 2024

Alice Roberts
By Alice Roberts
4th April 2024

The Mayoral election is fast approaching. Don’t forget to use your vote on 2nd May and play your part in protecting London’s environment. We want to hear candidates say: “I WILL…

  1. Create a minimum of 10 major new parks or nature reserves for London by 2030 – giving a new lease of life – and a clear identity – to large areas of neglected and dis-used or under-used land, turning them into attractive, welcoming destinations for all. (More here)
  2. Create 1,000 garden streets or street parks by 2030 in areas where residents don’t have enough green space. (More)
  3. Organise Emergency Rain Garden Construction of the 357,000 rain gardens* Thames Water says we need to hold water from heavy rainfall and avoid flooding and water pollution, with completion by 2040 (majority built by 2035), not 2050 as currently stated. *Each one to take rainfall from 200sqm of ‘grey’ space.
  4. Reduce traffic in London by 50% by 2030 and deliver the current mode-shift target earlier, so 80% of trips are made by public transport, walking or cycling by 2028. (More)
  5. Run a voluntary #LightsOut campaign to tackle damaging light pollution and reduce energy wastage, with 10,000 business properties signed up by 2026. (More)
  6. Identify, by 2026, specific sites to deliver ambitious habitat creation targets and deliver the new habitat by 2030, to support nature’s recovery.
  7. Plant 1,000 hectares of new tree canopy cover by 2030. Achieve this by supporting the creation of a Tree Ring encircling the capital, greening radial routes and addressing areas of tree deficiency across London.
  8. Oppose all developments that would result in loss of precious green space, including Green Belt or Metropolitan Open Land, registered parks or gardens, high-quality farmland, and other green space of community value.

1, 2, 3, 7 & 8 are supported by the A More Natural Capital Coalition – and are also part of the manifesto of the coalition of 19 environmental charities working together to influence policy and action at a London level.

GLA office
GLA office