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Dark Sky London – help us see the stars!

Neil Sinden
By Neil Sinden
24th March 2021

Many Londoners are deprived of the beauty of star filled night skies.  But this needn’t be the case.  We believe that everyone should be able to appreciate the wonder of a starry sky close to where they live.     

Unnecessary light pollution reduces our view of the stars at night.  It can also damage human health and affect nocturnal wildlife The problem can easily be tackled with a more careful approach to the design, location and use of lighting.   

Following CPRE’s Star Count in February and in advance of Earth Hour at 8.30pm on 27 March and International Dark Skies week which follows, we are launching a Campaign for Dark Skies in London.

Together with the Dark Sky London initiative and CPRE supporter and local campaigner, Isabelle Ficker, we have produced a range of useful materials –

By switching off unnecessary lights and adopting environmentally-responsible and neighbour-friendly outdoor lighting, we can, one light at a time, help to reclaim London’s starlit skies.  Reducing light pollution begins with a first step – which each one of us can take.

In the run up to the London Mayoral and Assemble elections in May, we are also campaigning as part of the More Natural Capital coalition to persuade candidates to develop best practice guidance for lighting design to reduce light pollution and to safeguard and extend dark sky areas.