Ask May 2022 London borough election candidates to stand up for green space

By Alice Roberts
4th January 2022

There are not enough green spaces in London. Many green spaces are derelict or neglected. And, incredibly, London’s parks continue to come under threat from planning applications. But your local councillors can change this.

Ask your May 2022 London Borough Election candidates to say:

I will… turn at least 30 streets into parks. I will create more parks in areas with not enough green space by converting ‘grey space’ into ‘streetparks’.”

I will… ensure estate ‘infill’ schemes don’t leave residents with inadequate green space. If necessary, I will create more green and communal open space by redeploying ‘grey space’ currently given to car parking and roads.”

I will… identify derelict and neglected green spaces and work with the community to bring them back into use especially if they are at risk.”

I will… invest in parks, support park friends groups and promote our parks. I will ensure parks are well maintained, improved and valued and I will support the creation of more local Park Friends Groups, so we make best use of our green spaces.”

I will… protect our parks and green spaces. I will not sell, permit development on or commercialise parks and green spaces in the borough, either to raise money or benefit private or exclusive interests, and I will respect covenants on public amenity land.”

I will… protect Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land and ensure new housing and other necessary development is built on brownfield, not green, sites. I won’t justify loss of green space by citing the need for homes, schools or other development: these can be accommodated on previously developed land.”