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Campaign for Great Green Routes in London

CPRE London is campaigning for more and better Great Green Routes – and for better use to be made of existing routes, for the health and wellbeing of all Londoners:

  • We need to promote the routes we have and encourage more people to use them.
  • We need more green routes and we’re working with Ramblers, Living Streets, Sustrans and others to campaign for these.
  • We also need to ensure existing routes are well maintained.
  • We need to ensure there is a better network of accessible routes (accessible for buggies, wheelchairs and other ‘wheeling’), and ensure it’s clear which routes are accessible so people can plan ahead.
  • Routing initiatives (and the routes themselves) need to be less disjointed – perhaps working towards having one set of (open) mapping data for all routes which can be used by anyone.
  • And we need to support way-finding apps like Google, Waze and others to identify green routes for walking, wheeling and cycling, and to offer these as options.

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