The Time Is Now: a virtual lobby for a healthy, green and fair recovery

24th June 2020

Sign-up to be part of a virtual mass lobby to tackle climate change and nature’s decline.

As lockdown in England eases, our political leaders are beginning to make choices about our recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. These decisions will shape London’s countryside, green spaces and communities for decades to come.

We want to seize this opportunity to build a stronger case for the protection and enhancement of London’s natural environment. On Tuesday 30th June we’ll be taking part in The Time Is Now virtual mass lobby – inviting you and thousands of others to talk to your MP online about the need for a green and fair recovery.

We’ll be asking MPs to advocate and vote for policies that regenerate nature, put people and communities in poverty first, and that invest in low-carbon transport, energy efficient homes and renewable energy.

CPRE London has put forward an agenda for the next Mayor of London to tackle the climate emergencies and improve public health in our shared manifesto, A More Natural Capital. The pandemic has shown us that London’s green spaces are valued and needed more than ever before.

As this is a virtual lobby (online), you can take part from your home – all you need is an internet connection. Please sign up if you can, spread the word among your local group, and get organising a virtual meeting with your MP.

The Time is Now virtual lobby is being coordinated by The Climate Coalition, of which CPRE is a member. The Coalition represents millions of people and many organisations nationwide who care about our environment.

For more resources and information, we’ve created a virtual lobby guide.

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