Stag Brewery development – call for reduced car parking

20th February 2019

Campaigners at CPRE London have today written to the London Mayor urging him to require that all private parking is removed from the Stag Brewery development proposals – to be replaced entirely by a much smaller number of car club parking spaces.

They also want to see the developer promote and pay for improvements to public transport, walking and cycling. [1]

Alice Roberts said: “Everyone who lives in Mortlake knows you cannot put 700 more cars into the area. Traffic is already at a standstill. This development can be planned with car clubs instead. Putting in so many parking spaces is not only unnecessary but will encourage people to use cars and worsen congestion, pollution, noise and road danger in the area.

“What the people of Mortlake need is more frequent buses and effective walking and cycling infrastructure.

“We reject the concern that removing parking provision would reduce profit margins. New residents will have access to cars, just shared cars, not private cars. This should not affect the marketing.

“It is in fact now becoming common to market new ‘car-free’ developments on the basis that they provide a quiet, safe, pleasant and healthy environment to live, particularly for those who don’t want to or can’t own a car, like young people, old people or those on low incomes.”

CPRE London also wants to encourage others to write to the Mayor including local residents and clean air and active travel campaigners. [2]


[1] and [2] CPRE London’s letter to the London Mayor can be found here Say no to 700 more cars in Mortlake, Richmond