Say no to 700 more cars in Mortlake

21st February 2020

CPRE London has written to the London Mayor (full letter attached below) urging him to require that all private parking is removed from the Stag Brewery development proposals at Mortlake in the Borough of Richmond– to be replaced entirely by a much smaller number of car club parking spaces. We also want to see the developer promote and pay for improvements to public transport, walking and cycling.

We are urging local residents and Londoners concerned about traffic congestion, clean air and road danger to write to the Mayor about this.

  • Please write to the Mayor asking that he requires the removal of all private car parking spaces in the Stag Brewery development, to be replced with car club parking only.
  • It will only take 2 minutes of your time! Email ASAP in February 2020. Some suggested wording is below (along with the reference you need to quote).

Suggested wording

Re: Applications to London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames
18/0547/FUL, 18/0548/FUL and 18/0549/FUL
Mortlake & Barnes Common The Stag Brewery, Lower Richmond Road, Mortlake and; Chalkers Corner, Junction of Lower Richmond Road South Circular and Clifford Avenue Stag Brewery, Mortlake: proposed development

I am writing to ask that you require substantial changes to this proposed development on the basis that current proposed parking provision (0.75 per unit or 703 additional cars) is not compliant with the Draft London Plan and will undermine the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. Private car parking should be removed entirely and replaced with car club parking only, accompanied by improvements to public transport walking and cycling infrastructure.

It should be made clear to the developer that:

  1. Parking provision for this development is not compliant with the Draft London Plan and in any event should be developed with reference to the wider policy and planning context (not just maximum parking standards), specifically:
    a. Draft London Plan parking provision policies (not just the maximum provision standard) make clear that adding in 703 private car parking spaces is unjustifiable.
    b. The Stag Brewery is located between the river and railway line which already means traffic is at a standstill: adding in more cars will worsen traffic and bus times.
    c. The proposed development would undermine Mayor’s Transport Strategy targets.
    d. The proposals are inconsistent with the climate emergency declared by Richmond Council.
  2. The developer’s concerns about risk to profit if private parking were to be removed are unjustified given the prime location and potential for alternative car club / public transport provision
  3. The application should be amended to remove all private car parking, introduce car club provision instead, and work with the borough to plan improvements to public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure.
 Yours sincerely
Our Letter to the Mayor – Letter to Mayor Re Mortlake Feb 2020