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Public squeezed out as commercial events take over parks

By deliar
4th July 2024

Green Defenders met in early July to discuss the worrying increase in commercial events on parks.

The meeting heard from campaigners fighting to protect Gunnersbury Park in west London from the impact of commercialisation, and the damage caused by paid-for events in the park.

Events took place all through the summer. Lorries and temporary stands tore up grass, and fencing and security gates closed off public access. This even meant difficulties for residents trying to reach the children’s playground and sports facilities.

Campaigners said they supported smaller scale events, such as country fairs for local visitors, but questioned whether councils had the right to market a public park as a commercial venue.

There have been similar stories across London, and attendees agreed this was an increasing threat to public spaces. They proposed a sub group to support local campaigners facing commercialisation as an issue.

Green Defenders meet quarterly to share experience and pool advice on protecting green spaces across the capital. Keep an eye out for the next meeting in October, and sign up for the new Green Defenders newsletter Green Defenders – protecting London’s environment – CPRE London


Damaged ground at Gunnersbury Park