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More off road routes would encourage women to cycle in London, survey finds

By deliar
18th January 2024

Nine out of ten women said they would start to cycle, or cycle more, in London, if they had better infrastructure (such as protected cycle lanes) for their journeys.

The findings come from a survey carried out by the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) Women’s Network.

Based on more than 1,000 responses, the survey results identified some of the key factors that put women off cycling in London – including aggression from drivers, and a lack of safe cycle routes to use all year round.

Women felt they had to choose between routes that put them in danger or at risk of conflict, either on busy hostile roads or quiet unlit routes.

Women reported a lack of good cycle infrastructure, including protected cycle lanes and low traffic routes, as a major barrier to cycling.

Ninety percent said they would start to cycle or cycle more if they had good infrastructure for their journeys.

The LCC Women’s Network campaign will use the findings to ask for action on these barriers so that women can cycle as they want to, for greater equality, more active lifestyles, less road danger and lower carbon emissions.

To read the report see What-Stops-Womens-Cycling-in-London_FINAL.pdf (

CPRE London campaigns for green routes in London. For more see Discover London’s Best Green Routes for Walking, Cycling and Wheeling (

Cyclists in Hyde Park
Cyclists head out on the Freedom Ride