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Repurposing London's Streets

Alice Roberts
By Alice Roberts
19th May 2021

Calling all Londoners!

We need your help! London has so much ‘grey space’ – so much of it can repurposed to make our lives better and healthier. Some of your local streets, and space given to parking, can become parks and safe places to walk and cycle. Your town centres can be freed from traffic noise, pollution and road danger and become attractive places to visit, shop and relax. We can even replace some of London’s bigger areas of ‘grey space’ with attractive new neighbourhoods, with the new homes we need, alongside shops, schools and amenities.

We need you to propose positive changes to your local ‘grey space’. We want Londoners to come up with plans for changes to their streets, town centres and surface car parks. With borough elections in May 2022, now is the time to ask for change!

We can help you and put you in touch with urban designers. Please get in touch if you’d like to create a plan for a street or town centre near you.

In the meantime – here’s the AGM Grey2Green May 2021 presentation I gave recently, with lots of pictures to inspire you! You can also look at our publication Parking Transformed – Eight Ways to Transform Parking and Make London a Better Place.