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Call for ‘phased closure’ of London City Airport

12th February 2020


CPRE London has called for an independent review of aviation with a view to implementing a phased closure programme of City Airport to unlock the development potential of this seriously blighted part of London’s former Docklands.  This comes as consultation on controversial and widely opposed proposals for expansion of the airport closed in October.

Neil Sinden, Director of CPRE London, said:

‘In the short term, we believe existing flight restrictions at London City Airport should be retained and effective action taken to achieve a demonstrable reduction in noise, carbon emissions and air quality impacts arising from current flights.  In the longer term, serious consideration should be given to closure of London City Airport for commercial use, as part of an independent strategic review of aviation in the light of the climate emergency and growing concern over the health impacts of associated noise.’

‘We believe a phased closure programme would be justified in the face of the major and growing impacts that the current use of the airport has on communities across east London in terms of damage to human health and in contributing to climate change and air pollution.   Any remaining skeleton airport infrastructure should be used only for emergencies or special occasions subject to agreement by neighbouring Boroughs and the GLA.  Phased closure of the airport as a commercial operation will remove a serious blight on surrounding areas and allow better use to be made of existing developed land for the creation of new sustainable communities, with affordable homes, green spaces and new jobs, well connected to central London by improved sustainable transport infrastructure.’