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Government policy paper, plan and report for walking

London Walking action plans

The first of these plans, the Walking action plan, is aimed at making London the world’s most walkable city, with a target to increase the number of walking trips by more than one million a day by 2024.

The Leisure walking plan sets out the ambition to enhance, improve and expand opportunities to walk for pleasure in London. It includes actions for connecting parks and green spaces with local communities, and for making sure these green routes are accessible for everyone.

Cycling and walking plan for England

Sets out a vision for a travel revolution in England’s streets, towns and communities.

This plan describes the vision to make England a great walking and cycling nation. It sets out the actions required at all levels of government to make this a reality, grouped under four themes:

  • better streets for cycling and people
  • cycling and walking at the heart of decision-making
  • empowering and encouraging local authorities
  • enabling people to cycle and protecting them when they do

Gear Change A bold vision for cycling and walking

London 10-Minute Walk Map