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Dark skies in London?

Dark skies in London?

How many stars can you see at night in London? We are running our annual 'star count' from 21-28 February and we're asking for your help by counting the stars in the night sky.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of dark and starry skies wherever they live - including London!  But we fear the capital's sky is so affected by light pollution from buildings and street lights that the opportunity to experience truly dark skies is denied to most of us.  

We need your help to map our view of the night sky in London - its simple and fun:  you only really need to know how to count and hope for a cloudless sky!

You can find out about how to get involved here

Please get involved and help us find out if there are any parts of London where it is possible to enjoy starry night skies!

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