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Appeal to save Croydon's Green Belt - huge response

CPRE London's appeal for Croydon residents to resist loss of Green Belt to housing in the borough received a fantastic response. 

Many people have written and the council extended the deadline by a week to 20 January 2020. 

Alice Roberts of CPRE London said “We know Croydon residents are already hugely concerned about traffic congestion and air quality and so it was vital to point out that the three Green Belt sites identified are in locations where the residents of the new housing will be dependent on cars. The alternative options presented by the council - to develop brownfield sites within the urban areas of Croydon - would make it possible to build 'car-free' housing catering for people who cannot, or don't want to, own a car. One third of  households in Crodyon already do not have a car. Older people, younger people and people on low incomes are already among those who don't have access to a car and for whom high density development, within walking distance of amenities and public transport, would make their lives much easier. At the same time this would ensure no further cars are introduced into the borough and precious countryside is saved.

The Metropolitan Green Belt performs a vital function in containing urban sprawl. But - as a letter we recently received from the Mayor of London explains concisely - it is also our climate safety belt: "... the strong protection of the Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land is also important due to the multiple environmental functions this land performs particularly within the context of a climate emergency. They provide many benefits including ensuring transport emissions to not increase from sprawl, supporting London’s resilience to a changing climate (such as preventing flooding) as well as supporting food growing, providing important habitats for wildlife and allowing space for recreation and relaxation for Londoners.”

You can download CPRE London's full response to the Croydon Local Plan consultation below. 

Inside Croydon also reported on our appeal. 

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