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Here you will find the major news stories that we are taking an active interest in.

The Chancellor has restated the Government's commitment to strong Green Belt protection and ‘making best use of urban land’ for new housing in his Budget Speech.

Read our response to the Mayor's draft Environment Strategy showing how proposed policies could be more effective in delivering improvements in environmental quality in the capital. 

Number of threats to London’s Green Belt doubles in just one year
New research shows over 400 sites are now identified for housing in London’s Green Belt
The London Green Belt Council [1] has just published a report ‘The accelerating loss of London’s Green Belt – who is to blame? [2]. The research shows that the threats to the London Green Belt have grown rapidly in just 12 months. 
The number of sites under threat from development more than doubled between July 2016 and July 2017, from 203 to 443 and the number of houses proposed on the London Green Belt increased from 123,528 to 163,474.

CPRE London's response to the Mayor's Draft Transport Strategy welcoming the 'healthy streets' approach and calling for stronger action to reduce noise and reclaim redundant car space.

Our new report presents evidence showing we don’t need to build on green spaces to solve the housing crisis. 

Green space campaigners give evidence that demonstrates Redbridge Council’s plans to release Green Belt for housing are completely unnecessary.

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