How to lobby local election candidates on climate change

By Juno Baker
22nd April 2022

The climate emergency is the biggest threat to our city and our communities. So, it’s no wonder that polling consistently shows more than 8 in 10 Londoners are concerned about the effects of climate change.

With an election in only a couple of weeks – and to mark Earth Day 2022 – we’re sharing our ideas on how to lobby candidates on climate change.

A More Natural Capital

CPRE London is part coalition of 17 environmental groups lobbying for A More Natural Capital. We’ve published a report setting out how London’s elected leaders could:

  • reduce waste and cut pollution
  • mitigate climate change and increase resilience to its impacts
  • secure nature’s recovery
  • increase health and wellbeing for all Londoners.

We’ve sent A More Natural Capital to all political parties in London, so candidates should be aware of it and the proposals it sets out.

Download A More Natural Capital – an agenda for the London local elections

How you can help

The run-up to any election is a good time to talk to politicians and get them to listen to your ideas. So, now is the perfect time to ask council and mayoral candidates about their policies for tackling the climate emergency.

You could ask them, for example, what they think of airport expansion, flood prevention and increasing the number of trees in our streets.

Why not ask your candidates:

  • whether they’ve read the report
  • what they think of the proposals, and
  • what they’d do to make London’s homes more energy efficient?

If you’re on social media, you can spread the word and talk about the report using the hashtag #AMNG and the Twitter handle @amorenaturalcap.

How to reach your candidates

You can email and sometimes tweet candidates. Or you might talk to them when they turn up on your doorstep asking for your vote.

If you’re not sure who’s standing for election in your area, you can find out on the Who can I vote for? website.

Simply enter your postcode and you’ll see:

  • which elections are taking place in your borough – mayoral as well as council
  • all the candidates standing in your area
  • where to vote
  • how to register, if you’re not already on the electoral register, and
  • information about ‘hustings’ – public meetings where candidates will address voters and may take questions.

Just click on a candidate’s name to see their contact details, including email and Twitter handles.

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or find out how to get more involved with the work we’re doing at CPRE London.