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Make London a Sponge City! – 24th June

By deliar
23rd May 2024

Come along to our panel event on Monday 24 June to find how rain gardens and wetlands can improve water quality and alleviate flooding.

There is an urgent need to deliver healthy rivers by creating new wetland and rain gardens. Recent calls for London to become a ‘sponge city’, and concern from the Government’s Chief Medical adviser that water quality is now a public health issue, only underline that action is needed right now.

Thames Water estimates we need to capture rain water from 7,000 hectares of hard (impermeable) surface so our rivers are not polluted with road run-off and sewage. Wetlands and rain gardens are part of the answer.

Find out what’s happening in London to deliver these ‘nature based solutions’.

CPRE panel event on urgent need for new wetland areas and rain gardens in London, for river health .. and much more. 

Speakers will include:

Alice Roberts, Head of Campaigns, CPRE London

John Bryden, Head of Improving Rivers, Thames21 

Joe Pecorelli, Programme Manager, ZSL (Zoological Society of London)

Chaired by Anna Taylor, CPRE London

Learn more at this event which will include networking opportunities for people interested in this important issue.

Image: Meristem