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CPRE London has today responded to The Royal Parks Movement Stratgegy consultation urging bolder action.
Alice Roberts of CPRE London said: "We feel that responses to the last consultation gave a clear mandate for more concerted action in particular to remove through traffic and therefore we would urge that the strategy is revised to take quicker and bolder action". CPRE London is proposing the following: 
  • All action needs to be more urgent – within the next 12 months
  • Through-traffic / commuter motor traffic should be eliminated from the Royal Parks (not discouraged)
  • There should be more traffic-free days and weekends – or even weeks at busy times.
  • Many more roads should be transformed into permanent car-free walking boulevards
  • A priority should be to create individual plans for each park
  • There should be speed limits of between 5mph and (max) 20mph
  • The Strategy presents cycling unnecessarily negatively. We believe this is a huge missed opportunity. Instead, cycling through, to and from, or in the parks should be supported and championed.
  • Generally, the strategy should more clearly reflect London’s crises around climate, nature, air quality and inactivity/health. These issues should be prominent in the strategy as being critical issues for London.

Alice said: "Our research has shown that one third of London’s parks are seriously impacted by traffic noise, reducing their amenity and, in the worst cases, stopping people from using them at all. We would like to see The Royal Parks demonstrating leadership on this issue, taking action to eliminate the negative impacts of cars in and around London’s parks and in doing so, encouraging others to do likewise."

Our recent polling shows that millenials and Londoners are most likely to vote with the countryside and green spaces in mind.   As the General Election approaches politicians of all parties would do well to heed these findings.

Three in four Londoners say that protecting green spaces, including the Green Belt, is important to them - more than in any other region.  

Following the publication of the Inspectors Report on the draft London Plan we have written formally to the Mayor of London asking him to stand firm on his commitment to protect the Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land. 

CPRE London today (Wednesday) is calling for an independent review of aviation with a view to implementing a phased closure programme of London City Airport to unlock the development potential of this seriously blighted part of London's former Docklands.  This comes as consultation on controversial and widely opposed proposals for expansion of the airport draws to a close on Friday 18 October. 

CPRE London responded to the Kingston Local Plan consultation in July 2019 raising concerns about indications that the Borough may be considering allocating protected Green Belt and/or Metropolitan Open Land for development. 

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