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October 2014 eBulletin

CPRE London's latest bulletin covering developments across London.

Our October eBulletin includes the latest planning news for the capital and updates on:

Thames Tideway Tunnel: the £4.2bn supersewer has been approved. While engineers and some environment groups have backed the decision, borough councils along the route are outraged and some are considering judicial reviews in the high court.

Cycling Superhighway Row Accelerates: There has been a lot of action, potentially leading to inaction, on the superhighways

Active Cities: Walking or cycling to work, or catching the bus, is better for people’s wellbeing than driving to work. And cities designed for physical activity lead to better mental health and reduced health costs

Olympics Legacy Planning: Read our response to the London Legacy Development Corporation consultation on the publication version of the local plan. We say the plan is unsound in a number of respects and ask for changes in order to secure a comprehensive strategy for a greener, safer and healthier Olympic legacy district.

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