London's Green Belt - Time for Renewal

London's Green Belt - Time for Renewal

In this special briefing we review the changes to London’s Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land

The paper looks at the history and future of London's Green Belt. We argue that there are still considerable opportunities for designing compact liveable neighbourhoods within London whilst also promoting our precious green spaces and corridors. Our key recommendations include a call to:

  1. Reduce policy uncertainty: Incorporate PPG2 wording into London plan and local development guidance and clarify Green Belt development exemptions
  2. Connect up London’s landscapes and Green Belt: Planning positively for green connectivity
  3. Track and fund connectivity: Monitoring All London Green Grid SPG implementation and identify additional resources
  4. Incorporate ‘liveability’ objectives within development: Supporting neighbourhood inclusion and wellbeing, increase local powers, finance and quality of affordable homes
  5. Improve local environmental participation: Fulfilling the 'right to participate'

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