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Here you will find the major news stories that we are taking an active interest in.

Bromley’s plans to build on 17 protected sites is nothing short of an assault on London’s precious green fields, say London campaigners

The results of research into threats within Greater London to Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land, which has the same restrictions as Green Belt, have just been published by London campaigners.


CPRE London uses new map to show how far city’s public green spaces are no longer tranquil.

On 2nd December 2014 UK Treasury ministers published an updated National Infrastructure Plan indicating major projects in which the government had committed to invest public money, subject to some further due diligence enquiries. While recognising that large infrastructure projects bring economic benefits, CPRE and other campaigning organisations urge that these massive projects be compared critically with the benefits from greener, smaller-scale, local projects.

A cross-party group looking at wellbeing has called for more green spaces in our cities, as "planning processes have lost sight of their original mission to improve community wellbeing".

New planning guidance covering the Green Belt has been published by the Department for Communities and Local Government.  The announcement, on October 6 2014, appears to have come as part of an attempt by ministers to strengthen controls and make local authorities consider more closely the construction of green belt housing.

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