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Here you will find the major news stories that we are taking an active interest in.

Croydon’s Local Plan identifies over 20 green field sites for development many of which currently have the highest level of protection which means they should not be built on.

New research shows the Government is putting pressure on planning authorities to approve planning applications to build schools on Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land in Greater London

The Arcadian Thames: planning policy ignored?  is published today.

London campaigners demand to know on what basis developers are stating that Glebe Land south of Enfield Road is ‘available for development’

Bromley’s plans to build on 17 protected sites is nothing short of an assault on London’s precious green fields, say London campaigners

The results of research into threats within Greater London to Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land, which has the same restrictions as Green Belt, have just been published by London campaigners.

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