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Here you will find the major news stories that we are taking an active interest in.

The London Green Belt Council and CPRE London's joint report “‘Safe Under Us?’ An investigation into widespread threats from housebuilding in the London Metropolitan Green Belt” highlights how Government housing and planning policies have led to an unprecedented scale of threat to London’s Green Belt.


Take a look at the coverage of the London Green Belt Partnership's Threats to London's Green Belt Map in The Telegraph

The London Great Belt Partnership is a partnership of eight CPRE branches in and around London and the London Green Belt Council. Collectively we represent well over 50,000 people and have joined forces to highlight and challenge the significant threats to London’s Green Belt.

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CPRE's latest report, Green Belt Under Siege: the NPPF three years on, has identified 117,208 houses which are proposed to be built on the London Green Belt - a huge increase of 35% since March 2015.

Read the full report here:

London campaigners are fighting new tower blocks set to blight East London’s historic Victoria Park and Hackney Downs.

CPRE London has submitted a response to the London Borough of Sutton’s consultation on its Draft Local Plan raising concerns about the 10 protected sites identified for potential allocation for development.

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