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LONDON PLAN - our response to the Inspectors Report

Wednesday, 13 November 2019 15:35

Following the publication of the Inspectors Report on the draft London Plan we have written formally to the Mayor of London asking him to stand firm on his commitment to protect the Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land. 

The Panel of Inspectors appointed by the Government has recommended significant changes to the policies in the draft London Plan which would weaken its policies to protect these precious green spaces from development.  The Mayor is currently considering how to respond to the Panel's Recommendations.  He has suggested that he will resist calls to 'water-down' his green policies but we need as many people as possible who share our concerns to write to him to strengthen his resolve.   Our full letter to the Mayor along with a summary of our views, which you could use as a basis for your own response, can be downloaded below:  

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