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Farewell to John Archer

Monday, 13 August 2018 16:24

We are sad to report that CPRE supporter and activist John Archer passed away last month.  Here is a short appreciation by one of his fellow trustees Stephen Butters.....

John was a long-serving CPRE London trustee who stepped down in 2013 but remained a valued adviser. He represented us formally on the London Green Belt Council and informally with the Ramblers and Youth Hostels Associations. Quiet in manner, he was an effective liaison person who made sure that CPRE London linked up with other conservation causes. During the lean years in which our revenue did not cover employment of full-time staff, John would turn up at the office for proof reading and stuffing envelopes. Our better level of professional staffing in recent years has meant missing his company on such occasions, but he attended reliably our formal meetings. John had a strong grasp of the interplay between urban and country scenes, reflecting his own habitat in Roehampton. His scholarly interests in history of architecture, railways and brewing enlivened conversations in the sidelines. This broad hinterland also informed his careful contributions to CPRE policy development. We will treasure our memories of John at street level, reliably turning up to do his turn on an information stall or holding a banner. He will be much missed.

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