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Green Belt Threat Thwarted in Havering

Following objections from residents and CPRE London, London Borough of Havering has refused an application to establish a recycling operation importing construction waste, grinding it and recycling it, and then exporting it again as part of quarrying development.

LBH agreed with local residents' and CPRE London's objections to the development near Wennington Hall Farm in Rainham on the grounds that it constituted inappropriate development in the Green Belt and would generate an exceptionally large amount of heavy vehicle movements, therefore having an impact on the openness and enjoyment of the land.

In the decision report, the council stated: "The processing plant and these activities themselves are inappropriate development in the Green Belt and would significantly harm the openness of the Green Belt and, for the duration of the development, undermine the purposes for which the land was designated. Very special circumstances that clearly outweigh the harm, by reason of inappropriateness and other harm, have not been demonstrated in this case."

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