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Here you will find the major news stories that we are taking an active interest in.

For many people, aircraft noise is a real problem. Research shows that aircraft noise is more ‘annoying’ than road or rail noise and that we are becoming increasingly sensitive to it.

CPRE London has today written to the Mayor of London over concerns that he is allowing inappropriate development on London's Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) in Southwark.

The London Mayor has written to campaigners at CPRE London, confirming the importance of the Green Belt role in responding to the Climate Emergency. 

The Green Belt's most important job is to contain urban sprawl and a recent letter to CPRE London from the London Mayor confirms why this is so vital. But the Mayor goes onto explain that "the strong protection of the Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land is also important due to the multiple environmental functions this land performs particularly within the context of a climate emergency. They provide many benefits including ensuring transport emissions to not increase from sprawl, supporting London’s resilience to a changing climate (such as preventing flooding) as well as supporting food growing, providing important habitats for wildlife and allowing space for recreation and relaxation for Londoners.”

Tuesday, 14 January 2020 17:49

New Year message 2020

Written by CPRE London

What does being England's leading countryside charity mean for CPRE in London?  As we enter a new decade during which CPRE will celebrate its centenary with a refreshed brand and strategy, here's an inspiring and thoughtful message from our Chair, Tony Burton, about the role we play in our capital city......

Tuesday, 17 December 2019 17:07

Our Winter Newsletter

Written by CPRE London

Our Winter Newsletter summarises some of our recent activities - and explores what it means to be England's leading countryside charity in London.   

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