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Small Change - seeking stories of neighbourhood liveability

Neighbourhoods need space to learn and grow

Participants at CPRE London & Glass-House co-hosted workshop (5th Nov 2013) outlined their views of how to promote neighbourhood liveability from the 'bottom-up'. Various London-based community actors attended the event as part of our Campaign for a Liveable London. The campaign is seeking people-centered solutions to address London's housing challenge.

The workshop examined what ‘small change’ might look like for local neighbourhoods. It unearthed stories about how Londoners are making their lives more liveable. The participants identified how these innovations overcame challenges and how they might be adapted and applied elsewhere. Key lessons included:

  • The importance of being flexible
  • Embracing uncertainty
  • Creating platforms to link real and virtual exchange of knowledge and ideas
  • Being allowed to experiment and make mistakes
  • ‘Chunking’ change into manageable steps
  • Creating communities of 'praxis' – joining up theory and practice

These experiences offer useful insights into enabling a rare combination of people and events to flourish. The outcomes will further inform CPRE London’s Liveability framework which will be used to examine the dimensions of liveability in a number of London’s neighbourhoods.

Click here or below for the workshop notes, plus presentations and programme.


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